Wednesday 27 September 2023

Some thoughts from an autumn walk


It has been four days since Autumn Equinox and, this morning, I got out on a magical walk to the forest. There was a storm brewing and the air felt warm yet crisp and the birds were singing very loudly! It was the perfect time to take a moment to think about these last couple of months. So many changes, worries, exciting things, more worries! But, walking through the woods today, allowing myself time to think and be away from my computer and phone was exactly what I needed. It has been two months now since I left my full time job of cover teaching in a primary school. I have spent those last two months building up a second buisness. Something that is completely separate to my Gingerlillytea brand and something that I hope is going to be sucessful in the very near future. It is already doing better than I hoped for only being open for two months and I am manifesting and staying positive and putting in all the hard work! I have worked on this business every single day for two months solid and I know it will work out. 

I have also been working with some brands on some creative work and it feels like everything is starting to fall into place. I thought about how far I have come in the last two months and how hard I have worked and I got butterflies in my tummy with excitement for this future I am creating for myself. I can spend my days being gentle and surrounding myself with magical things and fill my days with beautiful music and work and baking and a little more work but followed by walks and adventures in between. I can take time to create photographs and films and not try to rush everything on weekends. 

I truly am happy. Making that decision was the bravest thing I have done in a long time. I knew I needed to do this for myself and create a little magical world around myself and I am!


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