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Hello and thank you for stopping by. My name is Keri-Anne Rosemary. I am a lover of flowers, adventures in forests and sitting in my greenhouse.

I am a wife to Gilles and a Mummy to Elle (aged 14) and Mimi (aged 12). We live Northamptonshire in England. I have always had a huge passion for photography and I have recently launched myself as a creative product photographer.

I use this blog to record memories. I love to document our days so we can all look back on them when the girls are older. I also blog about my crafts, photography, home and interiors and baking. Thank you for reading and please stay a while and say hello. I would like that very much.

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MAD Blog Awards UK 2015

My blogging journey.

I started a blog when i was 18 on livejournal. I loved sharing parts of my life and documenting my days. I loved making friends and taking inspiration from others lives. A few years later, i moved over to blogger where i started a photography blog. I did a few updates of Elle as she grew but it was mainly to update with my new work and news. After i had Mia, i wanted to start a completely new blog and document my girls lives as they grew. I set up a new blog and blogged there for a year and a half (sweet days with elle and mia and then changed the name to i was the sea). My passion for blogging grew and i knew that it was something i will always want to do. I became increasingly bored with the url i had set up. I was known as gingerlillytea across my other social networks and made the decision to import the whole of that other blog onto my photography blog which was this blog you are reading here. I felt more at home being gingerlillytea.


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  1. Hi! You have a beautiful blog and family. I have two kids (8 and 5 years), my treasures, my life. I love flowers, nature and our two little villages, where our families live (sorry, but my english is very bad). Your blog is a peaceful place. Thank you. Kisses from Navarra (Spain). Beatriz. :-)



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