Friday 25 August 2023

The sunflower field at sunset


I went on a walk with my eldest daughter, Elle yesterday morning and out of the corner of my eye, across a meadow, I saw yellow so we went over and there was a whole field of wild sunflowers in the middle of no where. It felt like a magical secret and, as you can imagine, I was so excited! We carried on walking but I knew I would be back that evening at sunset to create some photographs.

I felt so lucky that I found it on one of the last sunny days/evenings we are having for the next week or so. the sunset was magic and the farmer set a bonfire just to the side of the field which sent a mist of smoke over the field which gave a lovely haze in the low sun.

I hope you like these! I had some other ideas but there was only one small path through the sunflowers so I used that path and then the edge of the field for the rest but I love the results. I was a bit sad that at the last sunset moment, as the sky was turning pink and orange, the sun disappeared behind a cloud until it had set but the rest of the golden hour gave such enchanting light!

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