Tuesday 8 August 2023

Cottagecore autumn outfits


When it comes to autumn and winter fashion, I tend to wear my white dresses with tights and a chunky knit (with thermal vests underneath!). Every year I say to myself that I will be more adventurous and step out of my comfort zone with more colours and other items except dresses. Over the next couple of weeks, I shall be going around the charity shops to pick myself up some coloured jumpers, some cord flares, long autumn coloured skirts and, of course, more chunky cardigans. I want to really embrace the colours this year. I wanted to write a post to inspire not only some of you with outfit ideas, but myself as well! It has been really fun finding ideas and I am now even more determined to bring more colour into my autumn wardrobe.


When I think of autumn, I always go to plaid dresses or skirts with either a forest green or dark burgundy chunky knit. This combo is such a lovely outfit idea. Plaid/tartan is also my go to for cosy pjs!


Florals aren't just for spring and summer. I love the idea of pairing a floral dress or skirt with a jumper and tights. One of my favourite skirts is a dark brown floral skirt and I love wearing it with a cream cable knit jumper tucked in.


Dunagree trousers and dresses are a perfect go to! You can wear jumpers underneath to keep your warm or a nice tee with a chunky cardigan. I have a few dunagree dresses and like pairing them with tights, boots and a jumper underneath.

In the forest

Taking a walk through an autumnal forest, gathering mushrooms and acorn cups. The muted forest greens and browns are such a beautiful combination.

The classic autumn jumper! I am determined to find as many as I can this year at the charity shops. I also have a few online that I love linked below. 

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  1. Lovely choice of styles & colours, you’ll look beautiful in all of them

  2. I’m glad I have found your lovely diary in its new home, I always love to see your photos and your outings. Now you have made me think about what to wear … I really should give it more thought! Keep up the adventures.

    1. Thank you! I am very excited to get some new cozy things :)

  3. Lovely ideas for autumn. I'm trying to step away from boring jeans and wear some different stuff this year.

    1. I love the dresses you wear :) Maybe more of your dresses with your nice cardigans and thick tights :)



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