Sunday 10 February 2019

Dancing like ghosts

Have you ever walked into a house and you could just imagine the children of the house running around and playing side and seek. Giggles echoing along the corridors. Lace dresses twirling in the sunlight.

We explored Kirby Hall yesterday with our dear friends, Kyle and her daughter Fefe. We are hosting our next workshop here and wanted to get a few test shots, seek out some great locations through the house and ruins for photographs and I also wanted to create a promotional film to share how you can get lost in your imagination in this place. We found butterfly wings amongst the wooden floor boards and the girls ran along the moss covered ruins. It is the most beautiful place and I felt like my imagination had come alive. We were practically the only people there and the girls loved running around the rooms and ruins. We saw the peacock out of the window, roaming the gardens and the light on the wooden floors was enchanting.

I am so looking forward to bringing some ladies back here for our workshop. We found some beautiful pockets and corners. Staircases, old halls, bay windows and peeling paint walls.



  1. I just love seeing you stretching your creative wings and flying! These are amazingly dreamy and evocative images!! Just LOVE!!!! <3

  2. Beautiful article, I really enjoy your blog, Thanks for sharing your article.



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