Sunday 3 February 2019

Garden wanderer

In the Spring and Summer, you will mostly find me wandering in gardens. Breathing in the scent of wild flowers, smiling at the bird songs in the trees and watching Elle and Mimi running barefoot through the meadows. I will always have a wicker basket full of botanical books to find out what every flower is, watercolour paint and brushes and a flower press for those fallen petals and stems. I don't think I could ever spend my day in a better way.

Over the last few days, I have been researching so many gardens near me to visit. I have joined as an RHS member and I have planned weekends to explore village gardens as part of the National Garden Scheme. I remember being younger and our village opening up their gardens. I would spend my weekend wandering through them. Sitting by fish ponds and learning about the different floral scents. It was the start of a forever love with cottage gardens and bird songs. They make me so happy and this year is my year to find all the beautiful gardens around me.

Whenever I think of my happiest moments and days from the last few years, It has always been a day where I have been on an adventure to a manor house or garden. A forest. The flower meadow around the windmill. Pottering about at garden nurseries to bring back plants and seeds for my greenhouse. Hiding in glasshouses and orangeries and taking photographs of the light hitting the leaves at the most beautiful spots. Flooding light. I always get an excited feeling in my tummy if I go to a garden and there is a greenhouse or glasshouse.

Gardens and flower meadows are such a huge therapy for me. When ever I need to think something through or work out a problem, I take myself off to a forest or flower garden and just be. I find that the problem seems to start to resolve and I can think it through more clearly. Working through confidence problems, talking through conversations in my head that I need to have with someone, couple differences and just anxious thoughts that I want to work through. I also see my therapist to check in and make sure that my mental health is positive.

I am excited to share with you all my adventures here on my little blog and over on my instagram account. I cannot wait to fill up my nature journal and sketch book with moments from this year. Gathering flowers in my baskets and gathering bunches to hang up and dry in my dress closet. I have written so many times about my love for flowers and I am feeling so much happier and stronger this year. It is just me, the girls, my car and the open roads. Ready to explore and ready to take us somewhere magical.


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