Thursday 30 August 2018

Bassetts Vitamins adventure party

This week, the girls had a Summer party. We worked with Bassetts Vitamins for their adventure week and the girls invited their cousins and friends around. Elle made the most amazing chocolate fudge cake and I got some cupcakes and made some fruit sticks up for the children (and adults!). 

The children had the most amazing time. We blasted out disney songs, had a superhero mask colouring competition, played veggie trumps where they learnt fun facts about different fruits and vegetables and danced, lots! They even had a "baby shark dance off" as well as musical statues and bumps. 

They all loved sitting at the table to do colouring and made each other pictures. My little nephew kept running around the front room with his superhero mask on pretending he was the hulk. I loved the veggie trump game and i was amazed to find out so many nutritional facts about what we eat. It is such a fun and amazing idea for the children and my two girls have been playing it every day since the party!

The superhero mask competition was a great hit! They all took it very seriously and wore their masks for the whole party. The girls have made some more and have enjoyed sitting at the table this week decorating the rest of them.

Bassetts Vitamins come in lots of different flavours and for different age groups. There are also vitamins for adults. Families have been hosting August adventure parties across the UK to encourage a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. We had such a fun time at our party and the children especially loved it as they got an extra party without there having to be a birthday!

(This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own)

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