Sunday 9 September 2018

The sunflower fields

When it comes to flower fields, it is so hard to know where and when they will pop up. Only a few weeks ago, I had driven all round our countryside looking for Sunflower fields. I had even kept a look out driving to Norfolk but I just didn't find any. Fast forward a few weeks, and we have found three!

Our first little Sunflower field adventure was at a little farm near one of our favourite National Trust places. I found it on google and then saw a few other fellow Instagrammers visit so we took a little drive there before heading to the deer park. It was just turning so the sunflowers were not very vibrant but it was still lovely and there were beautiful wild flowers growing in between them.

Only a few days later, we were only around a ten minute drive from our house and just near our favourite forest when i spotted yellow in the field next to the road. My best friend was in the car so i squealed a little and pointed so she could have a look and, sure enough, around the edge of the field where tall and bright yellow sunflowers! We came back that evening to see them. Even though it was lovely, i still dreamed of a wild field just full of sunflowers.

A few days ago, I received an exciting message from my best friend who had seen some in a field in a little town next to ours so, yesterday, we went hunting for it. We came to the open gate and parked up and the whole field was wild and bright yellow. Little heather type flowers grew across the field also and the sunflowers were huge! I was far too excited. We explored and did a few photographs but I didn't have my big camera and we have an after school adventure planned on Tuesday to take our girls there for another adventure! I feel so lucky to have managed to be in three amazing fields this year. I am sharing my phone images from the three fields here but hope to do another post during the week of the digital images.


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