Monday 9 April 2018

Orangery and camellias

We have been struck down with the norovirus and it hasn't been a great week in the Pink house. It has had the domino effect throughout us girls and even a week and a half on, i am still not 100%. We haven't really been able to do much this week as i have felt so tired and sick and then the girls have spent days in bed or on the sofa with a bucket as well! We managed two hours out at our favourite orangery at during the week before getting completely rained on! I wanted to take a lot more photographs but my phone kept turning itself off and, because of the rain, i didn't want to get my digital camera out too much. I took a few of Elle by the camellias and Elle did a few of me also and i wanted to share the photos that i did take. I am so glad we managed to catch this little plant before she died off as she is really so pretty in the orangery at this time of year!


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  1. Beautiful photos. I'm so very sorry about your illnesses. It must have been wonderful to get out for a while someplace so lovely and experience somewhat normal life once again. Best blessings for healing...



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