Thursday 12 April 2018

My own little potting area

I am forever coming up with new dreams and new goals. Especially when it comes to my house and garden. My ultimate dream is to find a beautiful period cottage in a little village with roses climbing up the front and wisteria and a big garden with a glass house, rose garden and vegetable patch! I know that someday this dream of mine will become real but for now, I have to work with what I have and we are lucky in that we have a lovely victorian house but our garden is so tiny and we live in a very busy area. While I sit here at my writing desk, staring out the window into the garden, I can just see everything that I want to do there and a few evenings ago, I rambled really fast to my husband in bed about how I wanted a potting area and how I want to spend my evenings out doing gardening and how I want to plant all my seeds and the list just went on. I started to look on pinterest and the beautiful potting tables came up and then I found myself looking for clay pots on ebay and researching plants that would grow in shady areas and looking for old dressing tables to put outside for me to stand at with my pots and my seeds and my plants and my flowers (and maybe a little hook to hang my straw hat!). This is a dream that i can make a reality now and I am already so excited to gather everything I need. I shall be going around the vintage shops looking for pots, planters and old apple crates and I would also love to add some string lights across the garden. There are some new outdoor lighting deals on Groupon that i have been looking at and I have found some beautiful bulb string lights that would be look perfect across our patio!

I love the idea of using old dressing tables or dressers and I recently came across some beautiful woodland flower seeds that need starting in little pots. I have also harvested some poppy and love in the mist seeds from some dried out flowers a friend gave me. Last year, another friend gave me some foxglove and holyhock seeds from her garden that I need to start planting in the next few weeks.

We are supposed to have lovely warm weather next week so my evenings will now be spent planting in the garden and gathering things together for my own little potting area!

(this is a collaborative post)

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