Monday 26 February 2018

I am that girl

After months of being poorly and losing sight of everything that I loved and am, I sat in bed at 4am one morning last week and wrote a little list of the things that I love about myself. I wanted to remind myself who I am and why I am different and worth something. I wanted to share this with you because I feel it is so important to show ourselves some self love and to remember what we love about ourselves. If you are struggling with self love or your mental health, betterhelp are an amazing online therapy site that will be able to help.

- I am that girl that collects every wicker basket I see.
- I am that girl that wears ribbons and bows in my hair.
- I am that girl that buys all the vintage floral bedding in the charity shops.
- I am that girl that will run through flower meadows with bare feet and a floaty dress on.
- I am that girl that will cry happy tears when I find a new forest or flower field.
- I am that girl that will lie awake until 3am, thinking about all the adventures I want to go on.
- I am that girl that will sit under a tree in the summer evenings and write in my journals until my wrists hurt
- I am that girl that is happiest in a glass house or orangery.
- I am that girl that would prefer to snuggle under blankets and watch Beatrix Potter stories or Brambley hedge then go shopping or to the cinema.
- Blossom trees make me happy and so do magnolias and bluebell woods.
- I am that girl that loves to sit so still in the forest and wait for the deers to dance around me.
- I am that girl that does happy gallops when I am excited.
- I am that girl that would be so happy by a waterfall or sitting by a babbling brook in the mountains.
- I am that girl that loves to knit under blankets on cold evenings.
- I do happy sighs more than I think I blink!
- I am that girl that tries so hard to make everyone around me feel beautiful.



  1. What a beautiful post, miss Keri-Anne! Congratulations for it!
    Sugar kisses.

  2. I just LOVE that kind of girl - the one you are!! :) And you would be worth diamonds and pearls - even if you couldn't chase the stars! 💗✨ xo

  3. Dear Keri-Anne. Unknown to you, you are a source of inspiration and love to all beauty around us to me. I love your beautiful photographs. You are so full of creativity. You blog is precious to me. I am a busy nurse, with virtually no me time. The, your magical world help me to day dream. Please keep doing the wonderful work. You are so valued to people like me, your pictures are adorable and a reminder to me of the world i want to live in!



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