Wednesday 15 March 2017

Siblings {March 17}

I am on month 39 of doing these sibling updates. I feel that over those 39 months, i have written about every little part of these little girls bonds. I feel that if you read every one of those posts back to back that you would pretty much know this wonderful and amazing relationship these two have. But even after all those months, i cannot write those words that explain what i really want to say about them. I can write about how they love each other unconditionally and how they are are forever cuddling and kissing each other. I can write about how Elle holds Mia's face under her chin and rubs her nose on hers whilst praising her when she has done something right. Or how Mia wakes up crying sometimes because she misses her sister. I can write about how they can disappear off into their own imaginary world and i am left to try and work out if we are in one of their bedrooms or if we are, in fact, in the middle of a magical desert with pyramids and camels all around us. I can write about those conversations they have about how they remember both being in my tummy at the same time and how they had parties in there and how, when Elle came out, Mia was left in there on her own and she felt sad. I can write about those times where they are both rolling around on the floor in absolute hysterics because Mia has done one of her loud pumps and they both think it is the funniest thing in the world.

I could and i have written all these things but that feeling i have when i see them together is something i cannot write. I cannot ever explain the proudness and the wonderment i have for them both. And how i really wish to be apart of their sister gang and to truly be able to see real forest animals around me when all i am doing is sitting on living room floor.

It is incredible. It is just the most magical thing. Yes there are arguments. There always will be and they can really fight when they get going but it never lasts long and those fights are always forgotten about. They just love each other so fiercely and i couldn't ask for a better sibling relationship.

Siblings is such a wonderful link up project. You can find more beautiful photographs on the other co-hosts blogs. Katie from Mummy Daddy Me, Lucy from Dear Beautiful, Amber from The Goblin Child and Carie from Space for the butterflies.We also have two new co-hosts joining us and i am so happy as i love both of their blogs. Donna from what the redhead said and Natalie from Little jam pot life



  1. Their hair is incredible! As the Mum of a thick wavy haired girl though all I can think about is the washing and brushing! Gorgeous photos as always and beautiful words about your lovely girls xx

  2. Gorgeous photos <3 I love the old school style bows. And such beautiful hair! x

  3. Oh their hair! So beautiful - I love the photos (as always) xx

  4. Their bond sounds amazing, so precious to watch. Gorgeous photos, I love how the colour of their beautiful long hair mirrors the colour of the tree trunks x

  5. Love the bows in their long beautiful hair. They are like little models. I always think of frames when I see photos of your girls. Like the pretend photos you get with the frames you buy. lol :) Magazine style every time. Hope you are well darling. #siblingsproject

  6. It certainly is one of those things that is hard to convey the pride and love as a mother of siblings is just the most precious thing in the world x



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