Thursday 2 February 2017

Fitness in January

I am so happy that i get to write this post as i wasn't sure if i would make it to the end of January but i have been so motivated and now i have done one month, i know i will be able to continue. It is always that first month that is hard and i am glad i am past that and now into February. I did these updates two years but i could only do 5 months as i became poorly and stopped but i feel stronger this time, not only in my fitness but also my mind. I am less anxious and have found new ways to help me manage that anxiety. For me, this is a lifestyle change and i am not going to obsess over weight or progress as much. I am going to trust the process and i know that the changes will happen as long as i don't cheat and stick to what to my food plan and exercise regime.


Like last time, i am following the Kayla Itsines bbg workout guides. They are intense but amazing and i love doing them. Here is a breakdown of my week.
Monday - bbg workout
Tuesday - LISS (low intensity such as a run or a workout that keeps your heart rate steady and at the same rate).
Wednesday - bbg workout
Thursday - LISS
Friday - bbg workout
Saturday - Rest day and recovery (i use a foam roller to stretch out my muscles)
Sunday - Run

For my LISS workouts i love to do this workout on youtube which is a 45 min kickboxing and cardio workout. I find my heart rate stays high and at a steady pace as it is high energy all the way through. With LISS, it doesn't have to be a low intensity workout like walking. For me, i prefer to do a higher intensity workout but a workout that allows me to stay at the same pace and give the same energy for the whole workout. This workout is AMAZING and the instructor, Jeanette, has me in fits of giggles as she is so funny and so so supportive. I turn to that workout over and over because she keeps me wanting to carry on! It also offers a low intensity version all the way through as well. I also do a 10 min skipping cardio workout that i found on youtube and i restart this two more times so do it for 30 mins in total. You can see that workout here.

So far, i have stuck to all my workouts. I have once skipped the friday workout and had that as a rest day and did the Friday workout on the Saturday as i felt aching after my wednesday arms and abs workout still so i wanted to give my body longer to recover after that workout. It is completely fine to switch days anyway, as long as you have a rest day each week.


This time around, i am not weighing myself each week like i did previously. I weighed myself on the 1st of Jan and i won't do it again until i feel like it. I do not want to obsess over it and i find that my body responds slowly to weight loss so i do not want to loose faith. I am doing progress photographs and weekly measurements. Since the 1st of Jan to last Friday i have lost the following:

Thighs - 2 inches
Bottom - 1 inch
Waist - 1 inch
Hips - 0.5 inch
Chest - 1 inch


I am so proud to write that since the 1st Jan, i haven't touched a single bit of chocolate, cake, sweets or fizzy drinks. I am drinking just water or peach infused water which is a big deal for this Cherry coke obsessed girl and, to be honest, i don't even miss it. I love the peach water and it gives me that little bit of sweetness to curb the coke cravings.

I have been eating lots of chicken, veg and fruit and completely cut out processed food. I have no idea how i am been do strict. I went to Cadbury World on a school trip with the class i work with and i didn't touch a single piece of chocolate. I thought that would be the day i would break but i knew that i would be really disappointed in myself if i did.

This may not last too much longer as i have been having serious "hanger" moments and i know it is ok to have a little every now and again but i want to try and give my body the best nutrients i can to be healthy and strong at the moment.


I am now half way through week 4 of the bbg guides. I did a week of the pre workouts to gain my strength back. Last time i did these, i took a week break after the 12 week programme had finished before starting the second guide but this time, i am going to go straight into them to keep this momentum going. I just hope i can keep this motivation up. I have already noticed a huge difference in my body. My stomach progress pictures over the last four weeks are amazing and i am so proud of myself. I have a little 4 pack!



  1. sounds like it is really working - I have heard such good things about the kayla workouts. I usually stick to classes at the gym but I should probably mix things up a little!

    1. It really is. I am starting to notice huge changes :) Her workouts are amazing x

  2. Wow it sounds like you are doing really well and already seeing good results. Well done for keeping up all the healthy eating too:-)

  3. Well done, a great month for you and nice seeing how much you have lost in inches and not how much you weigh.

    1. I think people can get too hung up on the scales. When you are working out, your body goes through a number of changes as fat decreases but muscle increases so your weight will fluctuate a lot in this period and, for me, i don't want a number to determine how i feel that day x

  4. Well done! You are doing amazing. I really need to do some exercise but I find it so hard to fit in xx

    1. I do know that feeling. But the way i think about it is that my workout is only 30 mins long. I can spend 30 mins no trouble sitting on my phone flicking through social media or watching a programme. I make sure that i have something to reward myself afterwards such as a long bath or a programme and then i know that when i have finished, i have the rest of the day or evening to do what i want. I mostly do my workouts in the evening as soon as my girls are down because then i have the rest of the evening free x

  5. You are doing amazingly well!! I bought kaylas book and adore it. Haven't tried her exercises yet but the recipes are fab x

    1. Isn't it amazing. She is a super women i am sure!

  6. Wow, I love your drive and your motivation. Good luck, I know you can do it! I love your photos too and I’ve been looking at your amazing work! Like you, I’ve been losing the excess weight thanks to diet and exercise. I started the 3 Day Military diet a skeptic but now I’m completely won over by this low carb diet. I learned about food a lot and how my body responded to it. Portion control and calorie counting are basics that must be incorporated in any weight loss regimen to make it successful. If you need to lose weight but don’t know where to start, check on this useful site

  7. wow,ive been meaning to get a bit of a health/fitness kick for a long time. But keep putting it off and making excuses for myself not to do it. Sounds like i need to take a leaf out of your book. All that food looks delicious by the way xx

    1. Once you have the mindset, it is easier to follow through on your goals. x

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  9. Truth - The range and path of motion of a properly designed fitness machinery focus on the body's joint and muscle function.



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