Sunday 19 February 2017

Deers and forests

I share many of our forest adventures here on my blog but, in all honesty, it is where i am the most happiest. Following my heart as i explore between the trees. I have never been one to sticking to paths. I always like to go deep in the forest and find new places and the girls love it too. I think i must have had to untangle my lace dress from brambles over 100 times today!

For the longest time, one of my dreams is to see a wild deer in the forest. Yesterday, we had found a bit of forest right on the edge where there were no other people and out from a patch of golden ferns right next to me lept a deer! It pranced and lept along the path right in front of us. The girls squealed with excitement and i just held my breath, too excited to even know what to do with myself! It must have been right next to me, hiding whilst we walked. It was one of those moments that i will never forget. I have seen deer at National trust places and at the safari park but there is something so enchanting and magical about seeing a wild deer in a forest. I went back later on in the day to the same spot whilst my friend played with the girls at the park but i couldn't see it again. I so wanted to see it one more time.

As we adventured on today, the sun starting to come out and the rays lit up the forest. The light streamed through the trees and was just beautiful. I love capturing light and i wished at that point that i had bought out my camera. We had to leave early for the long drive and i had to get two little girls up, dressed and ready as well as make lunch and remember to put petrol in the car so my camera was forgotten but my phone always does a great job so i just snapped away all day. We found a stream and the girls found sticks to do their fishing. These girls and their sticks!

So another forest adventure. We have had many already this year and i know there will so many more to come and i hope that we might get to see more wild deers next time!

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  1. Beautiful shots, it makes me want to go out and explore a forest for a few hours.



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