Tuesday 3 January 2017

Frosty train tracks

It was a frosty December day. We ventured to the old train tracks, as usual. I feel that if we could go there everyday then we would! They are right by us and we love to adventure here in all different seasons. It really is magical. I already cannot wait to see what photographs i get here during this year!

How beautiful is this dress that Elle is wearing. It is from the Cath Kidston children's range which you can find here (it is also in the sale!).



  1. It's such a pretty spot, and amazing that the rails weren't pulled up to be used for something else - what a treat to be able to play the Railway Children!

    1. We are so lucky! It is around a local park and, occasionally, they run a train down it for birthday parties so 99% of the time, it is free to use and the path goes straight over it so it is perfect access :) x



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