Saturday 31 December 2016

A misty day

I love waking up to misty days. Yesterday, we headed over to see some family members and went to our favourite windmill in the next village on the way. Next to the windmill is a Christmas tree farm which we love to walk through. They have the most tiny fir trees growing which only came up to the girls tummies! The mist was just perfect over the fields so i knew we had to take a little detour to the windmill.

Days like this, just slow and simple are what i love. We watched the original BBC version of The lion, the witch and the wardrobe and just relaxed with family. A lovely lovely day and i am so happy with these photographs. I wish i took my big camera, but i do love what i capture on my phone!


  1. Where is the Christmas Tree farm if you don't mind me asking? I don't think you are a million miles away from where I live (I'm in East Northants) and my husband is desperate to take our little boy to a Christmas Tree farm as one of our Christmas traditions while he grows up.

    1. Hello. This windmill and christmas tree field is in Stevington in Bedfordshire (near sharnbrook and oakley). You cannot actually go here to pick your own tree. They cut some down each year and sell them in the village. We go to Stoke Goldington to their Christmas tree farm to pick our tree and it is wonderful there :) P.s Yes, i am in Northampton but grew up in east northants in Rushden x

    2. Ah fab. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm going to write both these places down ready for next year. There are some gorgeous places in Northamptonshire and you always seem to find them! 😀
      I actually live in Raunds, so right by Rushden! x

    3. How wonderful. I have a lot of family over in Rushden/Irthlingborough :) x



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