Sunday 11 December 2016

Breakfast with Father Christmas

Last week, we were invited by Wyevale garden centres to attend breakfast with Father Christmas. We booked with a centre around 30 minutes from our house (Woburn Sands) so it was a different scene for the girls as we are forever at our local Garden centres and live right by one.

I woke the girls up early on the Sunday and told them to open up their activity advent calendar and there was a note to say that they were to go and have breakfast with Father Christmas. Their eyes lit up and they started jumping around. It was so lovely to see and made me so excited to take them. We arrived just as Father Christmas was opening up the door to greet all the children. He asked the girls names and walked them down to the restaurant. Mia is normally so outgoing but she became very shy and went red when ever Father Christmas spoke to her and clung onto me. We were greeted by an Elf and seated at our own table. In the corner by our table, there was a mechanical reindeer that moved it's head and some Christmas tree's. The girls were memorised by the reindeer and thought it really was Santa's!

We were bought a cooked breakfast and some juice and some pastries which were so yummy. The girls loved that they had a cooked breakfast as we are cereal people normally so it was extra special for them. Father Christmas kept popping over to the girls to see if they were ok and to watch them doing their colouring in at the table. Mia kept going as red as anything and hiding behind me. It is so unlike her and i think it was just a little overwhelming for her. I don't blame her as i had a huge fear of Father Christmas as a little girl and would really scream and cry whenever he came near! Luckily, she wasn't really afraid, just shy. After breakfast, the girls got to make some sand jars with a little help from Santa again. He really was good with the girls and other children and was helping them all!

It was finally time to go outside to the grotto and visit Santa. The girls were first in line and we went with another family out to the grotto. The grotto was a lovely hut outside with a line of Christmas tree's along the path. Inside, there was shelves full of toys that the girls could pick. Elle picked a glow in the dark sand making kit and Mia picked a hair accessories kit. They were so happy with their presents and i was so surprised with the amazing choice and quality of the gifts. I loved that they got to pick their own which made it even more special for them.

When we got back to our table, the staff had set out a biscuit decorating plate for the girls. They loved all the little sprinkles and icing they had to decorate and they happily sat and ate their biscuits whilst all the other children got a chance to visit the grotto. After the event, the elf said the girls could have one more little visit to Santa and he was waiting for them outside just to say that he hoped they had a lovely Christmas day and to make sure they went to sleep on Christmas Eve so that he could bring them their presents. He walked a little with them and afterwards Mia said "Mama, Santa held my hand and it was like magic". That, for sure, got rid of her shyness and she talked about it for the rest of the day!

I was so impressed with the event. The girls had so much to do in the hour and a half that the event was on for and the Santa was so amazing and kind. He really listened to the children and helped when he could. He made sure he was always around and i was so grateful to him for his little extra bit with the girls at the end. He really made it so special for them and so did the staff. As a parent, i couldn't have asked for anything else because the whole morning was just pure magic.

(We were invited as guests for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own)

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