Friday 9 September 2016

The lake district

For my 30th birthday, Gilles booked a two night stay in the Lake District for the two of us. It was the first time we had had some time away just the two of us since our honeymoon nine years ago. It was very well needed and i was so excited. The though of mountains, waterfalls and being in the land of Beatrix Potter made me have butterflies for weeks before. We stayed in a tiny little b&b near windermere and spent our first day at at waterfall and then trying to be brave as we had to drive over two of the biggest mountains roads in the Lakes. At one point, i thought we might just fall straight off the side! Let's just say that i was very glad i was not driving! Gilles on the otherhand was in his element and took great pleasure in going fast around the steep corners! But it was all worth it. We stopped at the top of a few of the passes and sat amongst the babbling brooks and watched the water fall down from the mountain tops. Also, all the mountains are covered in flocks of sheep!

On the second day, we went along a road i wanted to go to and as we got higher into the mountains, the mist set in and we were on level with the clouds. It was the most amazing feeling in the world and i had to hold back tears at a few points. Gilles even laughed as i did my "happy gallop" while taking pictures at the top of the mountain tops. We then visited another waterfall and ullswater lake followed by Hill top farm (which i could have burst into tears about all over again) and wray castle. I completely embraced my inner Beatrix Potter. She is my inspiration and i felt so honoured to be walking around the village and spotting the little places that she drew in her books.

After visiting Wray Castle, we decided to go and climb a mountain. When we go to the mountain, out sat nav told us to go up a rough track up the mountain and we did, not really thinking anything about it. We got near the top and stopped at some barriers as the forest commission were doing some work on the trees. The whole mountain was covered in heather and fir trees so we parked up and walked further up the mountain. We spotted lots of toadstools and we both saw our very first red squirrel which we were very excited about. We talk a little walk back to the car, headed back down the mountain and were greeted with a locked gate at the bottom! We panicked a little and then realised (after actually reading the sign that we didn't see earlier) that it was a private track for the workers of the forest commission and they had obviously finished their work for the day, gone home and locked the gate behind them. The lock was a combination lock so Gilles couldn't even try to pick it. The forest commission offices were shut when we tried to call, the emergency contact wasn't answering the phone so we ended up having to call the non-emergency police who couldn't help us either. After an hour and a half of being stuck, i was settling myself down for the night in the car but Gilles was determined to get us out and ended up managing to crack open the padlock using a youtube video without even breaking the lock. He just clicked something and it opened! We locked the gate behind us and Gilles was super smug with himself the whole journey back to our b&b! He now thinks he is pretty awesome for managing to open it using just a ring pull from a can!

The next morning, we headed back up the mountain road in the mist to sit for a bit before the long drive home and to get the girls.

It was a magical time, although i missed the girls so much. I never leave them and they barely stay over night away from me so it was a big deal for me to leave them but i needed some time with my husband and it is an adventure i will always remember!


  1. Oh you lucky thing - I love the Lakes and Hilltop is just such a sweet and perfect house, you feel you could move straight in!

  2. Beautiful photos. I do love the Lake District, so peaceful and idyllic.

    Natasha | The Night is Wild

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