Monday 1 August 2016

At the strawberry farm

I wrote yesterday how buddleia picking is a tradition we do every year. Another thing we love to do is going to the strawberry farm and filling our baskets with strawberries. We normally go at the beginning of July when the season has just started but time ran away with us so we went today. I actually went a few weeks back on my birthday with my husband!

It is at the very end of the season and the farm is ready to close so it was a lot harder to find strawberries but it made it so much more fun as we had to hunt in the plants to find them and, when they did find some big ones, it was even more exciting for them. Every year on the farm, they always have piglets too and the girls love going to visit them. We sat by them for a little while and walked around the outside of the farm amongst the wild flowers. It is so lovely there and one of our favourite places to visit. I did have my big camera with me but only took a few photographs as the girls needed help finding the strawberries so i put my camera away and just took a few iphone pictures instead. It really didn't matter, i just wanted to capture a few photographs of our adventure to look back on.

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