Sunday 31 July 2016

Lovely home inspiration


Every summer, i am filled with so much inspiration for the little changes i can do around my home. Adding flowers to every jar and vase i can find, hanging fresh garlands in the window, adding more potted plants out the front of my house and adding more botanical prints on all the walls. I love being surrounded by flowers and prints and garlands and summer is when i feel like my home is at it's best. Fresh and floral.

After summer is when i look at making my home cosy. Ready to Halloween and then Christmas. Adding pumpkins, gathering up logs to keep by the fireplace and adding beautiful woven blankets to my sofas. I am constantly changing my house around depending on the season and i fall in love more and more with my home every year.


As well as the seasonal changes in the house, i forever have a long list of things i want to change around the house or a wishlist that i would love to have in the home.


We currently have a lovely windowsill filled with potted plants that us and the girls have done. I am growing a little rose bush, the girls have basil growing and Gilles has some peppers growing. Elle also has a sunflower growing that she did at school. These will be moved outside in the next week and i would love to fill the space with a beautiful plant. I have an idea of finding an old milk churn and having a huge plant in that space. The sun streams in through that window in the evening and i couldn't think of anything better than creating a beautiful, floral space.


Our bathroom is always evolving. I have recently added some hanging plants and i have a beautiful framed p.j.redoute print. Something i have wanted to do for a while though is to get a more modern shower and a different sink and taps. It would also be amazing to have a bath that we can lie down in! We currently have a shower bath so it has straight ends which makes it hard to relax and i do love my long bubble baths! I would also love to swap over the floor but everything i would like is such a huge project so i think it shall be staying on my wish list for a little bit longer.


One of the biggest things i want to change about my whole house is our bedroom carpet. I would love to rip it up and have exposed wood floors but Gilles wants to keep carpet in there which i am happy to let him as he does put up with all of my things around the house. But i am holding out for that day when he finally says yes ;)
There is so much we can do to our bedroom. We need lots more storage and as i mentioned in a previous post, i would LOVE a bespoke walk-in wardrobe or a least a little bit of a fitted bedroom so we have the storage we need for my ever growing collection of dresses.

(this is a collaborative post)

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  1. You have so beautiful home! And I feel the same with finding space for all the dresses... They take more room than one would think!



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