Thursday 21 July 2016

A dress girl

I am a dress girl. I love lace and beautiful cotton dresses. Gilles often jokes with me that if you looked inside my wardrobe it is all white, cream and pale pink but, in all honesty, that is just how i like it. I love lace dresses and i really cannot have too many. Even in the winter, i love to team up a dress with woolly tights, cardigan and pixie boots. I rarely wear jeans and, if i do, i always wear a dress over the top.

Because all my dresses need hanging up, space to hang them is getting a little tight! I have had to resort to folding some of my dresses that i don't wear too much in a draw and then ironing them if i want to wear them. I have a tiny closet in the corner of our bedroom which is just mine but it is filled on the two rails with dresses (but i still need more!).

I dream, like most girls, of having my own bespoke walk-in wardrobe. I can imagine it being filled to the brim of beautiful dresses, flowers, botanical prints and garlands. Even a fitted wardrobe would do me at the moment. I just need more space and a girl can only dream of having her very own area to be able to dress up and maybe even twirl around a little in the dresses! If you had your own walk in wardrobe, how would you decorate it?


(this is a collaborative post)

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  1. I'm definitely a dress girl too; dress and tights for work and dress and leggings for home! If I ever had a built in wardrobe it would be to have cedar wood drawers to keep my knitwear lovely and moth free!



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