Thursday 26 May 2016

Her new bedroom with George at ASDA

Now Elle is 7, we have wanted to turn her room into a bigger girl room. There were ideas flying around such as planting a tree in the middle of her room and her sleeping in a hammock to having a rainforest bedroom but eventually, she decided she just wanted a bigger bed and a space to be able to read and relax. It broke my heart a little that she wad outgrowing her toddler bed. We worked alongside George at ASDA to turn her room into the bigger girl room she wanted.

Over on their blog, i wrote an article about how we went about changing about her room and some tips on how to transition a room into a bigger girls room. Elle loves her room and spends her evenings covering her entire bed with books and when ever i go to turn her light off at night, i have to take toys, books and drawings off the bed so she actually has space to sleep!

Our next step in her room is to create a learning corner for her homework. I cannot wait to create this space with her and shall be sharing it here once we are all complete. She has already told me that she wants her craft/learning space to be like mine with hanging flowers, hanging dresses and lots of botanical prints. I am secretly chuffed!


  1. Oh! How gorgeous dollhouse!

    That's right: kids have their own ideas for life, room, etc.... We must make their dreams come true, and a little bit ours, if we can ;).

  2. Where did you find this bed sread? Its soooo lovely! x

    1. Hello, this is from George at Asda but was last years stock so i don't believe you can get it anymore x



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