Sunday 22 May 2016

A gingerlily flower crown

Botanical prints, flowers and flower crowns are the main staple of decor in my home. If you are a regular reader, you will notice that i love to create feature walls all around my home. I love to be inspired by nature and i love to bring that nature feel into my home. It inspires me too to be more creative in my day and more happy and positive. Surrounding myself with the things i love brings so much more happiness to my "just normal days".

Another thing i love to do is to make flower crowns. I have them hanging on ribbons around the house, handing from coat hangers with my lace dresses and, this week, i made one out of some beautiful silk flowers from Gingerlily (how could i not say yes to such beautiful silk flowers from a company that has Ginger and lily in it's name).

Listening to Bon Iver on the record player and sitting myself down at my craft desk, i had such a lovely morning making up my crown. The flowers remind me of wild meadow flowers. I thought about where i wanted to hang it and how i wanted to create a whole new wall feature around the crown. Above my fireplace, i had a botanical wall chart but i recently purchased a P.J.Redoute book that was filled with his beautiful rose prints. I knew instantly that i wanted to create a botanical feature with the pages. I am so happy with how the feature came out and it is going to look beautiful over the rest of spring and into summer as i can swap and change the flowers from our different adventures to the meadows. I currently have some cow parsley that i picked this week when i went out on an adventure on my bike and some lilac and blossom from the garden.

The crown looks just at home on my fireplace and now i have the bug again for creating flower crowns. I love to make them and i shall be making many more over the next few weeks.

(this is a collaborative post with Gingerlily for the #GingerlilyFlowerChallenge)



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