Monday 16 May 2016

The railway fairies

Some days you wake up and you just had no idea what you are going to do. I sometimes like to plan but then other days we just go with the flow and I always find that those are the days that tend to be the best. Yesterday, we woke up and we mooched around the house. The girls playing and watching a new tv programme they have just discovered and me doing boring kitchen cleaning and laundy. The sun was out and i wanted to go and do something. I asked the girls and Elle wanted to go to the woods and Mia wanted to go to the park so we decided to head to the woods in the morning, come home for lunch and then head to the park in the afternoon.

Near our favourite bluebell wood, there is another secret wood. You have to walk through three meadows to even get to it but every time we have tried to get it to this year, one of the meadows has been flooded at the gate which meant we couldn't get over to it. We tired our luck yesterday as it has been a dry, sunny week and even though there was still a big puddle, we managed to climb over the gate and get past it. I was so excited as we only discovered this wood last summer and i was desperate to see what it looks like in spring time. Before you get to the wood, you come into a huge wild flower meadow and then there is a tiny opening on the edge of the meadow into the wood. It starts off as a clearing through the middle and as we found the opening, i was SO excited to see patches of bluebells and wood anemone dotted along the path. We call this our secret wood as you would have no idea it was here unless you explored around and found it. I couldn't really even explain how to get to it myself and only me and the girls have been there. I hope to take Gilles one weekend soon when he is home from work and share our little secret with him.

The wild flower meadow is also blooming nicely and is filled with buttercups and dandelions right now. We have many picnics planned in this meadow and i cannot wait for the whole meadow to be filled with wild flowers!

In the afternoon we went to a local park. It has an abandoned train track around the edge of it and after playing in the park for an hour, i suggested we go and find a way onto it again. Last time, we climbed through a fence so we went back to the place we managed to get onto last time. It was actually too overgrown so we carried on walking and i was so excited to see a footpath that goes straight over the track. As we got onto the footpath, i spotted a big patch of forget me nots next to the track. We were so lucky and i was so excited. The girls asked to play and i just snapped some iphone shots of them on the tracks. I then asked Elle to lie down in the flowers for a few pictures which turned into Mia wanting some and then Elle again as she said she felt like a fairy lying amongst them.

I am actually so amazed at how lucky we were yesterday. We found some wonderful places and i love all the photographs i took. They are all just iphone pictures but i have a few shoots planned here, especially on the tracks at sunset!

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  1. You are so lucky to have found these beautiful places! We have no flowering meadows here so I love looking at your photos and imagining how wonderful it must be to live near such wild loveliness.



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