Friday 6 May 2016

Flying a kite

There is something so magical about flying a kite. It is such a simple thing to do, yet when the wind takes hold and you see the smile on two little girls faces, you cannot really see it as a simple thing. You can only see it as something truly magical, inspiring and joyful. There were so many giggles this afternoon. It was made that much more special by my husband being there (he is just out of shots). He was on hand to whoosh up the kite any time it fell out of the sky but after a little while, the girls got good at getting it flying themselves.

I was asked by Laura Ashley to take some photographs for their website of this beautiful kite and it couldn't have been a better shoot for us. I remember seeing the kite at the last press day and falling in love with it. I hoped and prayed that it wasn't just apart of the decor for press show. It is such a lovely thing for Laura Ashley to bring out. They offer the most beautiful fabric and having their prints on kites, with the traditional tail of bows and ribbon is something that i know many families will love. It is so hard to find traditional kites now.

I can see this kite being used many times over the summer. It is such a light weight kite and goes up so easily. It will be coming out on our flower meadow adventures and i even have a shoot planned for it amongst the heather when we go in the summer!

You can see my blog post over on the Laura Ashley website here. I have also done a few other shoots for Laura Ashley which you can see here.


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  1. Oh what a gorgeous idea for Laura Ashley to make a kite! And your photos are absolutely beautiful, you've captured the essence of childhood fun :)



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