Sunday 1 May 2016


Lately. Well it has been three months since i wrote a lately post. Even though the days seem to get lost, sometimes they just drag on by. Some days are good and some days i just feel like shutting myself away and just being by myself. Listening to music and reading books.

- I have been doing some volunteer work at the girls school in Mia's class. It is so wonderful. I have been doing craft sessions and have been on their school trips. I just love feeling needed and when i am in the classroom, i can feel my confidence soaring. I really feel at home there. I have been doing fairytale sessions with the children and i cannot wait to do more and more sessions with them. I am so grateful to the teachers for trusting and believing in me and given me this chance.

- My flower book collection is growing by the week. I get new ones at least once a week and have been enjoying going around the charity shops and vintage stores when the girls are at school. It really was one of my goals at the beginning of the year to collect them and i think i have managed to add another 25 at least to my collection.

- Gilles is away now for most of the month with work. I am writing a list of adventures and activities to do with the girls to keep them distracted. The only problem i have is that i can spend all day making sure they are ok and happy and then they go to bed and it is just me. But i have been doing a lot of reading and i have been using Elle's relax kid cd in the evenings to calm myself down and to stop myself getting anxious. It is very lonely but i know that come the middle of the night, one of the girls will sneak in and cuddle up with me.

- I am still struggling with both of the girls being at school. I just feel quite lost. I have my blog and photography work to keep me busy but on those days or hours when i am not working, i just don't know what to do with myself. I can do what ever i want but i still tend to just shut myself away. Now the warmer weather is coming, i am going to make sure i go out at least two days a week by myself to explore new forests or to sit in a meadow and read instead of shutting myself away from the world. I am actually looking forward to these days. I do love to just be by myself most of the time and just the though of being able to find a hidden place amongst nature and sit and read makes me very happy. I am going to make sure i do this one day this week. I also have some trips to London coming up for some press days and i cannot wait to go and to meet with some of my lovely blogger friends!


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  1. Beautiful and inspiring pictures! I've sent you an email last week about this lovely blogpost but I'm not sure if you received it! It was a little hello from Belgium.



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