Monday 21 March 2016

The gorse meadow

Our favourite bluebell woods has so many elements to it. It is surrounded by hidden meadows, two other hidden woods, a wild flower meadow and a gorse field. I have been coming here every year since i was a teenager and it is only this year that i have really noticed the gorse. As we drove there on mothers day, one of the nearby fields had them and i remember saying to my husband that i wanted to go to them to see what they were. That was before the hail snow storm we had and we had to rush back to the car. Last weekend, we went back and as we ventured around a different meadow and climbed over barb wire, we came across many more gorse tree's in the wild sheet meadow. I knew instantly that i wanted to go back there with the girls this weekend and we made a little plan to go back today.

One thing that we all love to do together as a family is to sit and watch the little films i make of the girls. We put them up on our tv and watch them over and over. I really wanted to make a little film again of them in the gorse meadow. I didn't get as much footage as i want as i really struggle with the balance of switching between filming and taking pictures. I didn't want to the girls to have to stay in certain places as there were too busy exploring. They found a few paths around the meadow that took us to other parts and we ended up sitting on top of the hill, under a tree and surrounded by the gorse trees. Right by the tree were some badger sets but we didn't go near. There was a sign up saying how they were being closely monitored by the police. I talked to the girls a bit about badgers and then we looked through our wild flower book at some of the other plants and trees in the meadow.

After our picnic under the tree, we headed back across the meadow to one of the woods. We went in a different way where we haven't been before, crossed over the stream in the middle of the wood and came across a tiny patch of daffodils. I couldn't believe it!

I really love our adventures and now that it is spring, my blog is going to be filled with these adventures amongst the forests and meadows. I have made a list of all the places i am going to take the girls this spring and summer. I am spent hours on google earth view looking at all the wonderful meadows we can go and visit and i have been googling where to find all the flower fields i want to take them too. I cannot wait to see what adventures the next 6 months hold for us Pink girls.



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  2. I'm totally obsessed with your posts! So much inspiration! ♥ Can I have a little question? What's your fave movie and book? ♥

    1. Thank you thank you!! Yes i do. I have a few favourite movies. They are "children of green knowe" "the railyway children" "finding neverland" and "miss potter". My favourite books are either any books by Francesca Lia Block or by Enid Blyton (i love the malory towers books) x



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