Thursday 31 March 2016

Blossom and hyacinth crowns

I love how my girls can sometimes take the lead on our crafting and nature activities. We live right by a river and a canal and we love to go for walks along them. A few days ago we walked along and the girls collected some willow branches from one of the trees. Elle came down this morning and had made a flower crown base by wrapping the willow so today, on a little walk, we picked some more willow and some wild flowers to make some crowns.

We sat at the table with my best friend, Hannah, and started to make some crowns. Elle ended up getting very tearful because she couldn't get the flowers to stay on her base. She hadn't wrapped the pieces of willow tight enough so i sat down with her just before dinner and we wrapped another base for her.

They do amaze me. They love nature so much and now we have so many wild flowers and blossom blooming by us, we can use them for many of our crafts. I just had to take these pictures of Elle wearing the crown i made. I love it. It started to wilt soon after this so i have pressed them all in my flower press book already. They really don't last long once picked but are fun to make and i love taking photographs of the girls with them.


  1. They're perfect little girls. I love this so so muh. xx

  2. You are so kind, thank you very much x



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