Saturday 6 February 2016

Finding treasures I

One of my favourite things to do is to scout around charity shops and vintage shops to find little treasures. I love collecting old things and finding dresses and books. I also love etsy, ebay and an ap called depop to look for lovely things. I have found so many wonderful things over the last few months and i wanted to do a little series on my blog to share them.

1. I found this dress on ebay for £2.99. Most of my dresses are cream and lace. I cannot help it. It is my favourite sort of dress to wear!

2. My favourite dress to wear!! Another ebay find for 99p!! I actually owned the grey version of this dress many years ago as they didn't have the cream dress in my size in the store so i was super happy to find this on ebay. I wear it at least twice a week ;)

3. Another lace dress. This dress i found on ebay for around £5. It is originally from top shop. I don't actually wear this dress much as i don't like the shape of it once it is on. I have it hanging permanently on my wall next to my craft desk.

4. I love this sweet little checked collar dress. I got it from the ap depop. The burgundy cardigan was an amazing charity shop find for only £1.99.

5. Two more cardigans from the charity shop. I have a favourite charity shop that i go in at least once a week and it is right by my house. They also sell wonderful dolls houses and dolls house furniture in there too! These two cardigans were £3 each.

6. This jumper came from my favourite charity shop again for £3.99. I love it and it was a staple piece for me over autumn.

7. Another favourite dress ever! I found this on ebay. I wasn't sure of it in the pictures online but i managed to win it for 99p and when it came, i was so in love.

I found two of these house display wall hangings from a vintage shop near me for £2. They were filled with thimbles which i took out when i got them home. The girls have one each in their rooms to keep their special little trinkets and nature finds.

Another charity shop near me as a table full of knitted items such as little cardigans, hats and gloves. I picked these beautiful mittens up for just £2 a few weeks ago and wear them ever day!

I was so excited when these two little frames came in the post. I found them on depop and love them so so so so much! I bought both of them for just £8. I have them hanging in my bedroom.

I LOVE PJ Redoute botanical prints. I found this beautiful print on ebay for £5 and have it hanging in my bathroom. I am hoping to add to my collection of always on the look out for more! This sweet little dress i got for Mia for £7 from a charity shop.

I love botanical, mushroom and bird books and one of my goals for this year was to build up my collection and i have done pretty amazing! I found this book for £2.49 on ebay. I went to the vintage store last week and found this clock cabinet hidden in the corner of a little booth. I said to my friend said it was so sweet but was so shocked when the label only said £4. So it came home with me and is now in our hallway on top of the shoe cabinet we have.

My collection of nature books is growing. I love collecting them and reading through them. The illustrations are always so beautiful. As i said earlier in the post, one of my goals for this year is to collect more nature books and i have really built up my collection over the last few weeks. I have found such amazing books, I think all of the ones i have found have been no more than £3 each.

I have so many more things to share and will be doing another post soon. I have a trip planned this week to the vintage store again and i am watching a few things on ebay that i hope i win and can then share with you all!



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