Wednesday 17 February 2016


Having my own little craft space in my home is very important to me. I love to swap and change things around during the year and to keep it fresh and inspiring so i can sit and get on with work or creating. I have had my desk since i was 18. It is a bit of a long story as to how i managed to actually get it but it involves lots of alcohol and me and my now husband carrying the desk through the town centre and up three flights of stairs to our flat at 3 in the morning, giggling and trying not to wake others up (or fall down the stairs!!). It has stuck with me in all our houses and i have always made sure there was space for it. My husband wanted to paint it white to match all our other furniture but i love how rustic it is and i think it fits in just nicely.

My desk can get very cluttered. I am always tinkering away on there and some mornings i wake up to find Mia has snuck into my room early in the morning and is sitting at my desk and going through all my little pots of jewellery and all my trinkets. She likes to get all my rings and brooches out and line them up along the desk. I have worked with Etsy this week, who has the most amazing dress your desk ideas,  to add a few extra beautiful things to my desk area. I firstly found an amazingly beautiful lace effect lamp. I have always wanted a lamp on my desk but i just couldn't find the right one that i thought would work with the decor around. I was so happy when i found this one! I also found a vintage vase with beautiful pink roses on. I love to have flowers or dried flowers around the house and last year, i dried out a bunch of gypsophila so i have popped them in my new vase. I love botanical prints and i love to cover my bedroom walls (and my dining room and hall way) in them. My favourite botanical artist is P.J.Redoute and i found a shop on Etsy that sells his prints. I bought an amazing yellow rose print to add a little bit extra to the walls. I am now on the hunt for a frame and i have actually ordered a few more to add to another one of his prints that i have in my bathroom. The last thing i got was a beautiful dried baby's breath wreath. I originally was going to hang this over the middle section of my mirror but when i received it, i hung it up with my lace dress to keep it safe and i really love it there. I am so happy with my little corner right now and next week, i am going to be taking some time out to start painting. It is something i have wanted to do but i am an awful drawer and painter but i have decided that it really doesn't matter how things turn out. It is the process i am looking forward to and i can just keep the paintings for myself. I shall be using my botanical books and flower fairy books for inspiration.

Lace effect lamp by Old but exciting 
Dried baby breath wreath by The London wreath shop
Pink rose vase by The vintage coop UK
P.J Redoute botanical print by The wee cottage garden


  1. What a pretty corner of the room! I would expect the pots of trinkets and jewellery to be too exciting to resist for little hands!

  2. Stunning, just stunning. I love the light and the beautiful flowers and pictures on the wall, it is all just so perfect and such a wonderful space to work i'm sure. I love that you've had the desk all that time, I still have mine from when I was about 12, it is however made of MDF and not that nice, but I spent many hours working there designing dresses (I never made it as a designer) and so it means a lot to me :)

  3. I love how it is very reflective of your style. Quiet ethereal and beautiful. very different to me all bold and colourful. I sometimes wish I could be floaty and beautiful, but alas!

  4. I love this little corner and would love something like this in my house.

  5. Just beautiful!

    I actually set myself up a little area with a desk a few weeks ago but I've never used it as I like to be in the middle of things too much x

  6. LOVE this beautiful, naturally creative workstation,I always encourage one to #bringtheoutdoorsin I would love to see a few of my Canvasbutterfly prints on those wall too x



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