Sunday 17 January 2016

Snowy adventures

A few days ago, Elle wrote a letter to the fairies to ask for snow. She likes to write to them and leave them in front of her fireplace. She also places a little teacup there so when she feels sad, she writes a letter to the fairies to ask them to leave her a little bit of gold glitter dust so when she wakes up, she can sprinkle it over her head and it makes her happy. The day after she asked for snow, the weather suddenly turned bitter and cold and she was so excited that the fairies might make her wish come true.

This morning, i was woken by two excited, squealing girls jumping up and down on my bed shouting "snow snow!". I looked out the window and part of me was excited because of the snow but another part of me was worried as Gilles had had to leave to drive for three hours at 4am. I checked that he was at work ok and then joined in with the excitement by jumping on the bed with the girls. We had a very quick breakfast, wrapped ourselves up and i drove us out to one of my favourite woods. The girls haven't been to this wood before and to get it it, you have to walk around a farmers field so i let them run ahead and then they walked through the gap on the edge of the field that leads to the wood. It was so magical and beautiful. We were the only ones around and the girls started throwing snowballs at each other.

We couldn't stay long because Mia has a condition where she cannot regulate our body temperature. I don't like to wrap her up in cotton wool though and as soon as she told me her hands and feet were hurting, we turned straight around, walked back to the car and headed home where i ran them a big bubble bath.

I love our adventures and i am so glad we got to go out. I took a few pictures on my iphone because i didn't want to take my big camera out in case i slipped or got snow on it. I do prefer just snapping away on my phone though and i certainly joined in that snow ball fight!!


  1. Wow stunning shots lovely- it looks like an absolutely dream land or something out of Narnia. We have had no snow here at all! x

    1. Thank you dear. Yes, very much like Narnia. The wood looked so magical. I hope you get snow soon, you are not too far away from me so it might be coming your way :) x



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