Tuesday 26 January 2016

A room of memories

Most weekend mornings, we find ourselves sitting at the dining room table, crafting or playing board games. Our table holds so many wonderful memories. First finger painting splodges, pumpkin carving, gingerbread house making, cupcake mixing, alphabet writing, flower crown making, dinner parties with friends and new year eve laughter. Glasses clinking and card games spread out. It is an open room that joins into the living room and it really is a favourite room of mine. I have made a botanical print wall that i love very much and the girls old, traditional rocking horse stands proudly next to the table. The record player plays most days. Kate Bush, Enya, Pink Floyd and Mary Poppins soundtrack on repeat. The girls fighting over which record they want on next. The dancing to "the lonely goatherd" or "lets go fly a kite". Spinning around in their princess dresses or riding the rocking horse whilst singing along.

Standing in the middle of the room is our dining table. It has paint marks, knife scratches and a few dents here and there. It has writing underneath the previous owners. I like to keep wicker baskets and old bottles filled with flowers in the middle. We found the table from Ebay. It was cheap and it was supposed to be a temporary table until i could find that beautiful farmhouse dining table that i had in my head. The table we have is a wooden one but it wasn't that traditional table i pictured. I cannot wait to find a table that would suit the room so much better and to make more memories.

I have so many more plans to this little dining room of ours. We have an old computer in the corner and i want to swap it out for a beautiful book cabinet and find an old framed botanical print to hang above it. I also want to change the feature wall on the opposite side to my botanical wall. I cut up an old tapestry tea towel to make a garland and we have the girls dried buddelia crowns hanging up on the wall too, along with some gold crowns i made. The rocking horse is my favourite part of the room and i love the traditional charm it brings. The girls love to ride it, pretending they are riding through meadows or riding away from dragons. I really cannot wait to see how a new dining table will transform the room. To draw inspiration from it for a new feature wall.  I have so many ideas and draws filled to the brim with artwork to tape up. Little creations of the girls and botanical charts and framed botanical pictures. I love that Spring will be here soon so i can fill the bottles with freshly picked flowers from the meadows. Go on adventures with the girls after school to gather them. Fill the baskets with hyacinths and some jars with daffodils.

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