Tuesday 15 December 2015

Thornback and Peel

I really cannot believe that in one weeks time, i shall be spending the day baking with the girls and getting the house ready for Christmas day. Taking the girls outside to scatter their reindeer food and watch Father Christmas (the ISS) fly through the sky. Hang stockings, leave out drawings, cake and milk. Giggle with excitement as i tuck them into bed, making sure i sing their lullabies and try and contain my own excitement. Christmas eve is such a magical day for us. I love is just as much as Christmas day. I remember that tummy fluttering excitement as a child and i know just how excited they will be feeling.

This year, we are spending Christmas day at my mothers house but on boxing day, we are having the family around to our house and i shall be cooking a wonderful stew and baking fresh bread and then having a board game evening with Gilles, my sister, brother and brother in law while the kiddies run riot! I wouldn't want anything else! I haven't hosted a Christmas meal since i was pregnant with Mia. I ended up with Swine Flu and spent the whole day in tears on the sofa. I have wanted to host again since and i am so looking forward to it. The idea of singing and dancing around in the kitchen listening to Christmas music while listening to my family chatter away makes me so happy. I am so excited to wear my new and amazing Thornback and Peel stag Christmas apron and spend my afternoon baking away. This Christmas is going to be wonderful, i can just feel it!

(We were sent these items for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.)

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