Thursday 29 October 2015

The fairytale of Clementine and Eden

Honeysuckle woods was the most magical place. Full of primroses and pear trees. Little deer and foxes drank at the stream and linnet birds sang the sweetest of songs.

Little Clementine was always visiting the woods. She liked to sit amongst the animals and dip her toes into the water. She always wished and wished everytime she went, that she would have a friend all of her own. Everyone at school laughed at her. She believed in fairies and sprites and wore fresh flowers from the woods in her hair. She wore a locket that her grandmother had given her. The other children thought she was odd. They didn't play with her. She longed for a friend, someone who she could run barefoot through the primroses with and someone who would stay up until midnight to count the stars with her. She wished and wished. Please let me have a friend she would ask. Please.

It was the most beautiful day. The rain had fallen over night but the sun was now out and how everything glistened. Dewdrops on the roses and glitter sparkles on the nose on the deers. She sat down by the water and dipped her toes in. Please, she asked. I never ask for much. Just someone who might like to make a flower crown with me today. She heard a crackle behind her. The most perfect sunbeams shone down on her little teepee she made out of sticks one day. Clementine moved slowly towards her teepee. The sunbeams were shining brighter and brighter and she could hardly see inside! Suddenly, she saw the most magical little doll. She had ruby lips and pure white skin. Her hair was golden and came down to her waist. She wore a locket around her neck just like Clementine's. It even had the same rose markings on the front.

"Hello little doll, i am Clementine. What is your name?" 

"I am Eden" she said.

Clementine held her hand out to guide the tiny doll out onto the path. They giggled and spun around so fast, they couldn't even catch their breath. Clementine wondered how this could be. Had her wish finally been granted? Or was she just dreaming like she did most nights.

Eden whispered to Clementine. "Come with me, i want to show you something." 

Clementine followed her through the vines and pear trees. Right on the edge of the woods was the most sweetest little house she had ever seen. It was mint green with roses painted on the front. Their were four little sash windows in the most perfect shade of white with little pink curtains. The door was gold glitter. It sparkled more than the deers nose!

"Is this where you live?" asked Clementine.

"oh yes" She replied. "I have often seen you play with the foxes and so longed to come and speak with you but i was afraid you would be frightened and would run away".

Clementine opened the door. Everything was so tiny and perfect. Little oil paintings hung on the walls and their was such a lovely little staircase. She wished she was small enough to fit in.

"i wish i was small so i could come inside"

"Oh Clementine, i wish i was big so i didn't get lost in these vines and bluebells. Sometimes being just three inches high isnt the nicest of things".

Clementine scooped her up. "Will you be my friend Eden?"

"I thought you would never ask. Yes, yes please. I would like that very much. You see, all the other fairies won't play with me. They think i am odd. I am not like them with lace wings and a dress made from waterlily's. I am just a plain doll!"

"But i think you are the most perfect little thing Eden. I shall visit you everyday. We can have wonderful teaparties and..."

And before Clementine finished her sentance, Eden whispered "and stay up until midnight to count the stars!".

They both smiled at each other. They knew that they would be best friends forever. And they were. They had the most magicalist of adventures and i don't think you could ever go to a teaparty better than the teaparties that Clementine and Eden have. Even the fairies and sprites wish they could go.


  1. This is beautiful, my girls would love this story, so magical x

  2. aww this is so sweet Keri-Anne you must be brilliant at making up magical stories for the girls! x

  3. This is so adorable, I'll have to read it to my niece. Have a magical weekend. x

    1. Thank you dear. Do you spy the masks in the photos? ;) x

  4. This story and the images together - absolutely beautiful xx

  5. love this - what a beautiful story, will read it to my girls later xx

  6. This is gorgeous. You're so talented, Kerri-Anne! xx

  7. I love reading fairy tales like this and I think your images capture the words perfectly x

  8. Oh wow this is such a beautiful little fairy tale and the photo's go alongside it so well - thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  9. What a lovely story. India will love to have this read to her :)



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