Tuesday 27 October 2015

Deep forest

I have been learning to trust my heart a lot more recently. When we are out and about, if i have a feeling to go off track, i now follow it and it has always seemed to lead us to such wonderful places. Yesterday, we visited Cannock Chase and met my dear friend, Paul, there. We had planned to go there in the summer but the girls were poorly on the day we had planned so we didn't get the chance.

We started off at the main car park that was full of families and i knew straight away that i wanted to find parts of the wood that hadn't been explored. To get lost in miles and miles of woodland and feel like it was just us there, in a secret world. We came across the most wonderful waterfall right on the edge of the forest and the girls loved throwing sticks into the flow to see who's stick would reach the fall first. We had such a fun time throwing sticks and leaves and watching them race! We call it "pink sticks" instead of pooh sticks ;) After that, we sat in the ferns and had out picnic and then i had this image in my head that i wanted to create. We went on a little explore to find the exact place that i could do this photograph. We walked along a path and passed a really dark wood. There was a tiny opening and i knew we had to go in there. We made our way through the trees and came across a little opening and then i heard Elle squeal and shouting that she wanted to build a teepee. We got to work and made two teepees on either side of the tree. Elle's was for the fairies and Mia's was for the baby bunnies. They even made little fires and beds in the teepees for them to sleep in. I love their imaginations and their kind spirits.

It was such a lovely day. I love the school holidays when i get the girls at home. We love adventures and we love adventures in the forest the most!


  1. Yay for lots of lovely adventures! There is something really special about feeling that you're the only people in the world isn't there, I can understand by you wanting to go in deeper until you were all alone, and what a beautiful spot you found because of it :-)

    1. Thank you so much Carie. It really is. I hate being in amongst everyone else. I love to be in our own little world :) x

  2. Ahhh I know this feeling well! This time of year seems to be problematic for my wandering spirit as I always seem to find boggy ground and have to turn back to the path - gah!
    Hooray for exploring and finding dens!

  3. I sat near our creek painting this afternoon trying to capture the fading autumn awesomeness. I was so nice to be all alone for a time. Though one can still see others' dwellings nearby, they aren't too close. I also walked for awhile collecting leaves and pods and seeds for crafting. Time alone is such a restorative to me.



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