Saturday 31 October 2015

Logs, gold pumpkins and yellow fields

                                                          (Bonnet by Graziemamma)

This Autumn has been a lot different. I have been able to explore more on my own when they have been at school and find places that i want to take the girls. I have been finding such amazing places that i wouldn't have even found if i wasn't out on my own little adventures. It has been amazing to then tell the girls about the places i have found and drive them thee to see them themselves. I told they yesterday about three big piles of wood i found in a farmers field on the edge of a forest. We talked about it on the way there and as we pulled up to the field, they were so excited. Elle was so amazed that the piles of wood were taller than her! I then drove them around the corner to find the yellow rapeseed field i had found a few weeks ago. They loved this even more. I am finding it more magical to explore on my own and then tell the girls about my adventures. They always want to to go to the places i have found and we talk about it and they are so excited to see them too.

We have been so lucky to have been asked to be a brand rep for the wonderful Graziemamma. This bonnet really is the sweetest and we have more shoots coming up as well. I cannot wait to show you there new products!



  1. Oh these are so fantastic, Keri-Anne. Those gold pumpkins! The outfits! The mist! Gorgeous x

  2. always so much love for your photos! they'd look amazing in a book.

    1. Thank you Laura. That is one of my goals one day x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Annie. I always feel the same way looking at your blog x

  4. So sweet, the hat with a bow is adorable!

  5. Such lovely photos and they totally capture the essence of autumn with the beautiful colours and light. I'm glad you've managed to have time to go out and explore. x



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