Sunday 18 October 2015


It has been such a strange month. Mia started full time school a month ago now and it has only really taken me until last week to start to feel ok about it. I had so many plans in the first few weeks but i would get home from the school run and all i would want to do is get under my blankets and read or have a nap. I spent a lot of that time napping and i think i put too much pressure on myself to be productive but i realised that i have spent 7 full years of being a full time mother and i have to be a bit kinder to myself. I didn't make any plans last week and just went with my heart. I went on a few adventures and found some amazing forests and meadows and i now feel really inspired. I have a list of adventures planned for this week before half term comes next week.

This week i am going to go to the farm shop to pick out pumpkins for carving, go to the woods and set up a fairy house, press some autumn leaves, sit in a teepee in the forest and read and i am going to go to some charity shops to pick up some more knitted cardigans and fairisle jumpers. I have found a new charity shop that i adore and i like to talk to the man in there about his book he is writing so he can fund his travels of the world. We have been sharing tips on the best forests too!

I have found that just driving around and stopping on side streets in villages to then explore has been so calming for me. Last week, i tried to get to a bunch of trees i really wanted to explore in, but i couldn't find a way to them so i decided to drive out of the village the other way that i would normally go and i came across a rape seed patch right on the edge of the forest. I was so overwhelmed and just sat in my car and cried for a bit. It has been such a struggle over the last few weeks and seeing this amazing places just makes me feel so happy. I am so glad i took driving lessons and i would much rather spend my money on petrol to drive around then go shopping. I have a few places to visit over the next month before the cold really sets in but even in the winter, i am going to make sure i still go out. I have bought winter boots and will just wrap up in my blanket when walking through the countryside.

I am so looking forward to my adventure i have planned tomorrow and i cannot wait to share it with you on my little blog!

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  1. I never, ever get tired of looking at your photos. And you are so prolific! Thank you for your honesty.




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