Sunday 11 October 2015

A fairy garden

Fairies are a big part of the girls (and my) life. They believe with all of their hearts that they are real. Elle like to write letters to the fairies at night time and sometimes she gets replies back! We go looking for fairies all the time in the woods and meadows and Elle tells me when she can see them. Even last night before going to sleeep, she whispered that she was watching all the little fairies around the room snuggling down to go to bed and that there were even some fairies in my hair who were going to sleep.

Over the years, we have made many mini fairy gardens in teacups and had fairy tea parties with acorn cups and, this week, we have taken part in the Ocean fairy home challenge from Ocean finance. They provided us with £40 to get some fairy furniture and make our very own fairy garden. We had great fun making our own garden and we love the tiny little fairy furniture that we now have to play with and to set up for the real life fairies to come and play!



  1. Oh it's so beautiful! As a child I believed in fairies and fairy rings and I used to write them letters too - it's so wonderful to have so much belief in something and it's a shame you tend to lose that as you grow up! xx



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