Friday 7 August 2015

Marks and Spencers: Back to school

When Elle started early years two years ago, we went straight to Marks and Spencers to purchase her uniform. I fell in love with the double brested button pinafores and she has worn them ever since she started school. We have been so lucky this year in that we have worked with Marks and Spencers to get Elle back to school ready and, of course, i picked the pinafores we all love! They are so classic and traditional and she loves them just as much as i do!

Marks and Spencers uniform features a number of handy innovations which are there to help getting ready for school easier. The campaign is all about speeding up your mornings, so whether that is saving time due to easy to iron shirts or helping children dress easier with elasticated cuffs, Marks and Spencers innovations are there to make your life a little simpler!

Expandicuff – elasticated cuffs that mean that you don’t have to deal with fiddly buttons.
Adjust-A-Hem – hems with an extra 3 inches of material that can be let down as your child grows. Just iron in place, not needle and thread needed!
Stainaway – shirts with a clever finish that means that means that stains wash away more easily
Permanent Pleats – pleats that stay, even after washing – no need to iron them in!
Non-Iron – just wash and tumble dry for crease free shirts!

We are so pleased with the uniform and Elle keeps wanting to wear it all the time. She really misses school and i think if i told her she could go back tomorrow, she would jump at the chance!

(we went sent the uniform to review. All opinions are my own)

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