Sunday 2 August 2015

Back to school with George at Asda

Mia starts big school in September. My tiny little lady is going to school with her sister!

We were asked by George at Asda if we would love to collaborate with them on their back to school range and i jumped at the chance. We love their clothes and, as there is an Asda on the school run, we often pop in to look at their childrens clothing. It is such amazing quality and for such an amazing price. I was blown away with the school uniform range. They have everything you could ever need for your little ones including book bags and sports bags. I sat down with Mia and we went through the website to look at what she would like. She picked out her shoes and pinafore and then we got the basics such as tights, socks, p.e kit and polo shirts. She wanted red t-shirts because she is going to be in the red house along with her sister so they get to wear their school house colours for sports. I am so pleased with the shoes. I love tbar shoes and the ones we picked were only £10. They have a lovely cushion around the back of the ankle to provide support and comfort and they just look very traditional and sweet. Mia loves them too as they have pink butterflies on the bottom! She keeps asking to wear them all the time but i have told her to keep them away so they don't get ruined before she even starts school!

i love all the clothing. We were given a budget of £70 and we managed to get everything we would possibly need for Mia to start as well as a book bag for Elle and a my little pony satchel for Elle too for her school books and work. She is super pleased with her satchel and for only £7, it is amazing! i want one! You can find the full back to school range for boys here and for girls here.




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