Monday 8 June 2015

A wild buttercup field

Today was a perfect day for an adventure. During the week, we came to the bluebell wood to play in the teepees and we decided that we would come back today. When we go there, the teepee the girls made with their friends had already been taken down and their sticks used for other teepees so instead of allowing Elle to get upset, i suggested we walk through the sheep field alongside the wood and go in hunt for new places. Elle said it was a perfect day for an adventure and i couldn't have agreed any more. At the end of the sheep field, we discovered the most amazing wild flower meadow filled with buttercups! There was cow parsley all around the edge and we sit and had our picnic there. After relaxing in the flower meadow, we found a new wood we haven't been in before. As soon as we entered, it made my heart skip. Their was a huge strip of long grass with trees on either side and it was just amazing. I was so happy to have found it.

Exploring is something we are going to do a lot of this summer. I have been driving for over a year now and there are so many wonderful places ready for me and the girls to find. I love these kind of days. I smiled a lot today and the girls love it too. I did a little bit of filming and i am in love with this video i did of the girls today. I hope you like it too!




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