Tuesday 26 May 2015

Family fitness

A few months ago, we were asked by Argos to be apart of their family fitness campaign. We were set trackers and fitness equipment to encourage us to to get fit. I am a big fitness fanatic as you would know if you are a regular reader. I love running and interval training. I received a polar watch which i have actually wanted to a long time and was on the verge of buying. It is a heart rate monitor and watch that tracks your actual calories burnt so you get an accurate reading and can make sure that you are training within your right heart rate zones for maximum calories burned. I also got a skipping rope with a counter and some 3kg weights that i use for squats, lunges and ab work. I chose the garmin vivofit to track my steps and sleep for the week also. Elle picked the misfit flash to track her sleep and steps and she also picked a light up ankle skipper which she loves. On the first day, she couldn't do it but as the days went on, she practiced more and more and could do it for a few minuets at a time.

We had a great time tracking our fitness for the week. We were doing over 10k steps a day and on one of the days, we had a day out exploring London and both did over 20k steps each! I loved tracking our steps. Sometimes it would get to the evening and i would just walk up and down the stairs to get to the goal because i wanted to make sure i did my goal steps for the day. During the week, we also had two days out at soft play, a day in the woods and lots of time in the park near our house. The trackers also told us how long and well we slept for. I would be shattered by the end of the day and i went to bed earlier that normal which meant i managed to get a better sleep. I was quite restless during the night and had lots of waking periods but i woke feeling refreshed.

We absoutley loved being apart of the campaign. I love fitness and it is a huge part of my life now. I want my girls to grow up to be fit and healthy and i want to set them a good example. It is so important to me for them to grow up loving themselves, staying healthy and learning about exercise. We regulary go for walks as a family and the girls are always seeing me doing my workouts. Sometimes they join in with me. They put on their gymnastic leotards and jump around trying to do the moves. Elle has been asking lots of questions about what exercise is and i am so glad she has been. I am glad that i can teach them to embrace fitness and i will always encourage them.

I hope you like the video we made. Argos will be releasing their own videos with clips of all the participants in the campaign and also the data of the trackers. I cannot wait to see the results on their website!

(this is a collaborative post with argos)

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  1. I loved this campaign too! So much fun and it's great getting everyone involved. Also love the video the girls are so super cute! x



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