Thursday 26 February 2015

Fitness {February}

This month has been amazing in my fitness journey. I think i have enjoyed it even more that last month! I am becoming stronger and i have passed that point that i normally give up. I know now that i have worked way too hard to give up now. I really cannot believe that i am half way through week 8! As i mentioned in my first January update, i am doing the Kayla Itsines bbg workout. This is three main workouts a week on a monday, wednesday and friday with between 30 and 40 mins of cardio on the in between days. I haven't missed a single workout and i look forward to my workouts every day now.


A typical workout week for me looks like this:

Monday - Legs and cardio (28 mins circuit training)
Tuesday - 5k run
Wednesday - Arms and Abs (28 mins circuit training)
Thursday - 5k run
Friday - Full body workout (28 mins circuit training)
Saturday - Either a 5k run or skipping
Sunday - 5k run

I started running last year and i didn't really enjoy it. It made me feel sick and i am such a slow runner that i felt embarrased and i think i made myself go faster as to not look so silly which then resulted in me getting stitches and not being able to go very far. This time around, i have been taking my dog, Rusty, out with me a few times and i have just kept at a slow and steady pace. To me, time doesn't really matter. I know i am getting fitter as i am able to keep running for longer but i am just concentrating on going the distance, burning the calories and increasing my fitness.

I have also been increasing my dumbbell weights. I started using 1kg weights the first few weeks as i was worried about gaining lots of arm muscle but the more i read about the weights and what they can do for the body, the more i wanted to up the weight. I do a lot of cruches whilst holding weights and have noticed a huge difference in my stomach definition.


I have lost another inch from my thighs, bottom, waist, arms and hips. That is 12.5 inches in total in 8 weeks! I currently weigh 8 stone 12. I am frustrated that i have only lost a little bit of weight as i have been clean eating and working so hard but i know that i am gaining muscle which weighs more and my measurements prove that i have lost inches so i am trying not to get too hung up on that number!


I am doing so well with my food. Since January, i have only had chocolate/sweets twice! I do have cravings but i have been eating bowls of fruit instead and if i do get big cravings, i will go onto my separate fitness instagram account and look through the accounts of all of the other girls doing this workout guide and i will be motivated again to stay on track.

A typical day for me is this

Breakfast - Either porridge or a fruit bowl that consists of grapes, apple and a banana
Snack - Fruit
Lunch - Jacket potato with beans and cheese or a chicken salad wrap
Snack - Fruit
Dinner - My go to meal at the moment is steamed veg (broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn), chicken and noodles. I am alternating betweeen that and a jacket potato with Mediterranean spiced vegetables (broccoli, carrots and pepper)

I love this plan so much and even though it is boring to eat the same things all the time, i generally love this meal plan and pretty much just stick to this now. I use fitness pal to calculate my calories and add in more fruit if i have burnt more calories on a particular workout as some days i do my circuit training workout and then do the gym (treadmill) also plus swimming so on those days, i eat a few bananas during the day to keep me fueled.

So here is my progress picture so far. It is taking a lot to post this but i wanted to share as if i motivate or inspire at least one person, i will be very happy!



  1. Brilliant am really impressed, particularly with your motivation and the amount of effort. I think it so useful to share stuff like this, to inspire and motivate others. You make it seem more achievable.

    1. Thank you so much! I am so surprised at myself for sticking to this but it is such an amazing life style that i am happy every day to eat clean and do the workouts :) x

  2. you are amazing!!! Great job on sticking to this, I really need to start working otu again!

  3. Wow this is amazing! I've got back into the eat clean and exercise routine. I am only on day four and I am mixing in two styles but I can already see a tiny bit of improvement. x

  4. You look, and obviously feel, incredible. Well done on sticking to such a simple yet effective plan. And I used to LOVE going running with my dog - can't wait till he's old enough to start again.

  5. Truly inspirational! You look great. I've been trying to run once a week (I also walk loads every day). I just need to work on the cleaner eating a bit. Well done you xx

  6. Wow you've done so well! I have been doing the 30 day shred although I can't manage it every day as I'm too lazy! I have noticed my core strength improving already which is nice. Exercise really does improve my state of mind, I would love to do it every day! That fruit looks fab too, I would eat way more if it wasn't so bloody expensive! x

  7. Wow, well done! You're doing amazingly, so inspiring! xx

  8. Good job! I know that my mental state really really benefits from regular exercise and I know once you get into a routine it makes it much easier, starting is the hardest part for me!

  9. Wow! I am so impressed! You're a proper inspiration :) I've started up running this year and have managed twice weekly 5k runs since New Year, now to sort my diet out! You've done so well x

  10. You are doing SO WELL! This is brilliant stuff. Really inspiring updates too x

  11. wow well done. I agree that exercising really helps my mental state. You are doing so well! x

  12. i just love your jump rope :) You go lovely one! Great job xx

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