Monday 2 March 2015

Tiny flowers

Sometimes you just need flowers and lace in your life. When i am feeling uninspired or feel like life is throwing me lots of curve balls, i love to go to the market and pick out some fresh flowers to style and photograph. If i could earn a living by taking photographs of flowers every day, i certainly would want to!

Creative product photography is something that i definitely would continue to do and work more on. Nearly every wall in my house is filled with my own creations including botanical prints, hanging lace dresses, garlands, hanging flowers and lots of little post cards of flowers and flower fairies. I like to think my style is very unique and i take great pride in my feature walls. My husband is so very patient with me and just let's me create away. I have mentioned before that he has to sleep next to birdcages and garlands but i know he secretly likes it ;)

I am at the point now where i am starting to look more and more into what i can do with my photography and what sort of path i want to take and i have already worked with many companies and shops via my blog and instagram on product photography. In an ideal world i would love to do product styling and children's styled fashion shoots like i do with the girls now. Very candid photographs of them in meadows and woods that showcase the clothing but in a unique setting. I love being able to create unique and arty images for fashion brands. I also still love doing the fairytale style of photography. There is a lot to think about and i need to figure out how i can make this work for me and my family. There is going to be lots of note making in the next few weeks i just know it!



  1. Such beautiful photos! Love your blog :)

  2. Love your images, they are so pretty. I love little flowers, how delicate they are.



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