Saturday 4 October 2014

Wire picture frames

A few months ago, I pinned these wire hanger picture frames by byfryd on pinterest. I really want to try them, so today i made some myself. I just shaped a long piece of wire into a square and added a twisted hook at the top. Instead of using clips, i used thread to tie the corners of the pictures to the wire frame to give a sense of floating. I picked out some of the autumn pages from the diary of an edwardian lady journal. I used some of the pages from that book for my wall feature before and i love the style of the illustrations and the textured, tea stained paper.

It felt so great today to just be sitting and crafting. I felt like i haven't really crafted for a long time. Last year, i had constant projects on the go and would spend most weekends at the table with the girls, just making and creating and today, i was determined to just put my tiredness aside and i felt like my old self again. The girls sat with me and made their own wire crowns and tied ribbons and stuck on cupcake cases. I have made a list of projects i want to start and i cannot wait to include the girls in them and spend more time as a family crafting.

Autumn is here and i couldn't be happier. It is a favourite season of mine and i have been thinking up ideas to decorate for the season and for halloween and i love these wire frames i have done. The illustrations have the most perfect colours in. I hung them up in Elle's room for photographs as it is the lightest room in the house and she has told me she wants them to stay there. It wasn't really my plan as i wanted to do a feature wall in the living room for autumn but hey, she is very cute and deserves to have them. I can just make some more!


  1. They look lovely and what a great use of the book pages

  2. Adorable! This is something I've never seen before and it looks so lovely. :) Well done again, lady. xo

  3. ah love these! what a great idea I would have never have thought of this x

  4. They're beautiful, from a distance the wire frames look they have almost been drawn on the wall. Such a clever yet simple idea!

  5. These are gorgeous and it's always lovely to get some time to sit and craft. I might have to try these at home. x

  6. Oh seriously how cute are these and it's great that you felt so good making them - love the floating effect

    Laura x



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