Thursday 9 October 2014


Lately has been ok. There have been some days where i have missed my husband to death because he has been away for days, working, but the rest of the time has been ok. Mia is now doing two full days at preschool which has means i have had two full days a week at home. The last three thursdays, Gilles has been off work also so we have actually managed to have some nice day dates (we have another one today!!! YEY!).

Mia loves preschool. We had a meeting there last night and i feel so positive about her learning and her journey this year. The teachers and school are just so lovely and she is really enjoying herself. She loves going to "treeschool" and being big like her big sister. She has even started to write letters this week and can already write a few letters herself and recognise them also. She just makes me proud everyday.

Elle is getting on so well at school. She is reading well above her age and won the times table quiz in her class on friday where she then presented with the times table star award sticker in assembly. She was so proud of herself!

Now i have more time to myself, i have been thinking about my blog. I really want to just strip it back down and go back to my roots. I want to do more everyday normal posts that we do and start documenting more "ordinary" things as well as sharing more of my crafts and home interiors. Sometimes i feel like i focus too much on photographs and then when i come back to read those posts a few months later, i wish i had written more about the day and what we had done. I want to try and write and capture as much as i can right now as the girls are growing so quickly and then, in September, Mia will be at full time big school and i won't have her at home anymore. I want to make this year count! I am so anxious about next year already but i guess it will be a new adventure for Mia and i will just have to figure out what i want to do and start becoming "me" instead of her a Mummy.



  1. You are all so gorgeous! Life sure does seem to be flying by at the minute...



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