Friday 10 October 2014

Siblings {october}

Last year, we used some acorn caps for teacups for the fairies in Elle's room. I asked Elle if she wanted a teaparty with her sister last week and she told me that she wanted her fairies to join in again and could they use their acorn cups. I had completely forgotten about her teaparty last year with them but, luckily, i had kept the acorns in teacups on my mantel piece from last autumn. Mia was so excited to join in. I set up the teaparty, set out some apple pies and biscuits and just let the girls play. I was just smiling the whole way through. Seeing these two sisters together and playing so nicely and both being in the same little fairy world made my heart swell. They have their moments where they yell and scream at each other but then they just seem to be so in sync when it comes to imaginative play, like they are in the same amazing little fairy world!

"Siblings" is a monthly link up where myself and 9 other bloggers all share a photo of their children and then we each send you off to look at another blog. You can then go around in a circle, viewing all of the wonderful photographs and then why not link up yourself if you have two  children or more! This month, i am sending you over to Jess over at Along came Cherry who's blog is just one of my favourites filled with amazing photographs of her little fairy and prince.

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  1. It really is the simple things. Acorn teacups? Just beautiful! Those photos really capture a special moment of childhood x

  2. Beautiful photos! I can almost hear them giggling and talking to the fairies as they serve them tea.

  3. Oh what a wonderful fairy tea party - they both look like they're just having so much fun and make believe (and the fairies look pretty happy too) :)

  4. Oh these photos are just precious Keri-Anne. My little lady has suddenly hit a totally fairy mad stage, and I just love it. She'd be right at home playing with your little ladies. And how grown up is Mia looking all of a sudden? Their age gap suddenly looks a lot smaller when you see them playing things together I think. x

  5. I swear your girls get more gorgeous every time I see a photo of them Keri-Anne- I love their little tea party they are having. x

  6. These are such lovely photos. I was obsessed with fairies when I was a little girl too! My friends and I would play in the garden with our 'magic cloaks' and when someone walked past we would crouch down — with the 'cloak' over our head — and watch them through the fabric. I was utterly convinced I was invisible!!

    Funny now, to think of any villagers walking past my parent's house. They would have seen a couple of little girls, crouching down in the garden, with net curtains over their heads! LOL! :)

  7. Oh what gorgeous photos! I love their dresses too, I don't think I will ever get to witness my two playing so delicately with a tea set, I think Tiger will end up trampling over it and destroying it resulting in Cherry screaming! Thank you so much for the lovely words about my blog too xx

  8. Aww, what a whimsical little tea party. My daughter would love the idea of acorn caps for fairy teacups, I will have to suggest that to her. :)



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