Thursday 18 September 2014

Sticks and string

One of the girls favourite thing to do is pretend to fish. They love finding the best sticks to use and then i add string on the ends for them. It is always lovely to watch them and see their imagination grow as they giggle and shout that they have caught mermaids and unicorn fish. When ever we go near water, Mia will find a stick, go over to the water and start fishing. It always makes me smile and it is sometimes hard to drag her away.

Later today, when Elle is at gymnastics, i am sure we will be in the woods at the pond, fishing for mermaids. There are three ponds in the woods and each one they have named. We have the wishing pond where they stir up potions in the pond with big sticks and pretend to be fairies. There is the magic pond that is on the edge of the magic woods and they love sitting by it and doing their fishing. The bigger pond is called the snow pond as they love picking the bull rushes and banging them together to make "snow".

Gilles and i have been talking for a while about getting a tank at home for the girls to keep their own fish. They love going to the garden centre and looking at the fish there. Gilles wants to get tropical fish so we have been looking and doing out research. We have been looking online at the different aquariums and accesories available and found All pond solutions that offer everything we would need as well as a fishkeeping guide. It would be lovely to have a tank set up and i know that Mia would spend the majority of her time with her face squished up against the glass!

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  1. What amazing imaginations your children have. Such beautiful photos too and an incredible place to play x



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