Friday 30 May 2014

Friday, i'm in love

This week, i have been making big plans for little spaces around my house. There are little sections that i feel don't reflect my style and i have been talking to my husband about making changes and he is happy for me to do as i wish (lucky i know!). We have some shelves behind our tv cabinet which i don't like and we are going to take them down and add some apple crates or pallets to the wall for some storage. I am excited to start making little changes throughout the house.

I am completely in love with these chest of drawers from trade furniture company. They are pretty amazing!

I talk about Belle and Boo alot on my blog because i completely love the illustrations. I am so excited for their new party range! The treat boxes are just so sweet!

I have been looking for a vintage milk bottle holder for a while. I am hoping to find one really soon now car boot season has started and i shall be visiting the vintage stores today to have a look around also. I love this one from etsy.

I have been looking around at sun glasses. I am a huge squinter because as soon as it is bright, my eyes can't seem to deal with it at all! I want to get a good pair of sunglasses to protect me especially as i am driving. I give myself headaches for squinting too much! I would love a pair of ray bans and Glasses on spec do some amazing pairs!

I have fallen in love with the shop, i am a bird, on etsy. The jewellery is so so beautiful!

I think the idea of these ICE dog tags from Collar and tags is wonderful! We have had our rescued dog, Rusty, since October and i would love to get him one.

I would love to find a beautiful crochet throw like this one for our bed. It makes me want to get a whole new bed just so i can have it draped over the end.

I have mentioned before about the beautiful bamboo tablewear from Love Mae and i love love this set. Something my husband wouldn't mind eating from ;)

I would love to try and make one of these doily blinds. I have a little collection and i have found a charity shop in my town that sell loads of doilies for really cheap, so i am going to buy lots more and make some of them for the girls rooms.

I cannot wait for the day we can take the girls skiing. I want to go right now! It would be so wonderful and i have been looking at bits online. My husband went to Andorra with his friends a few years back but i wasn't allowed to go as it was boys only! I love high octane sports offer childrens skiing equipment for such an amazing price!

Have a lovely day and weekend everyone. I am heading to Ikea today to pick up a picnic bench for the garden for the girls and then to the vintage stores to look for some nice bits for the house. Saturday, i am visiting my best friend, Hannah, with the girls for a picnic at a castle!



  1. I have a doily curtain in my dining room that I made - looks so pretty :)

  2. that crochet throw is really pretty! hope you have a nice weekend :)

  3. That etsy shop is adorable, so many lovely things!

  4. I agree that Esty shop is lovely! x

  5. Lovely list - I love Love Mae :)



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