Friday 23 May 2014

Friday, i'm in love

On the top of my wish list right now are saltwater sandals. There is a shop in the next town that sell them and i am hoping to get to the shop in the next week or so to pick some up. I have wanted some for ages and i am so excited to finally get a pair!

One of my favourite bloggers, Ruby Ellen from Cakies blog, has just realease her first book called "let's sew together". It is a book of crafts you can do with children and i cannot wait to order a copy next week!

I am bookmarking this maternity fashion website, Bibee Maternity, incase we ever have anymore children. When i was pregnant, i just stuck to my husbands t-shirts and some jeans. I am very much a dress person but always felt so silly in my usual dresses. The front would be pulled up so high to fit over my bump, that i felt i was flashing all the time and that isn't really a "classy" look to have when you are with child!

I really would love to make this dandelion and raw honey soap. I have never made soap before but i would love to try and this sounds perfect. Anything with honey in is a big yes yes!

I love unique jewellery. I love costume and statement pieces and have fallen in love with the quirky ring collection from Zayah.

The plums in the meadow near my mums house are starting to bloom a little. When they are ready to pick, i really want to try this recipe! Oh my oh my!!!

Talking about baking recipes, next week is half term and i have been looking at different things i can do with the girls and would love to try these apple pie cake pops with them. Amazing!

As i have written previously, we are looking at doing up our front room a little and i have been looking a lot at furniture and interior sites. I love this David Phillips Furniture site! They do furniture packages and it is such a great alternative to buying everything separate.

Along the subject of decorating, we are starting to look for a bigger bed for Elle. She has a junior bed right now but she is going to need a single bed really soon. I love this bed from Bedz "r" us.

It's weekend time nearly! We are hoping for nice weather tomorrow so we can go to the woods to make a stick teepee and then sunday we are visiting my Aunty and Uncle :) Have a lovely one x


  1. Those Bibee dresses are ingenious! I think I'm a bit too far down the line this time to justify any more shopping, but if we ever decide to add to the family again.....!

    Fingers crossed for a nice weekend all round - though I hate to tell you it's pouring with rain here!

  2. What lovely thoughts for a Friday! Dandelion and honey soap sounds divine!!

  3. love those Bibee dresses :) And I'd love a pair of Saltwaters!

  4. plum and almond cake? yes please! i love anything plum related.

  5. I fall in & out of love with my saltwaters. I love that they are so comfy but I hate that my feet look the same as everyone elses from May - September lol! That soap looks lovely :)

  6. Oooh I really love the sound of that book, it's going on my wish list now

    Laura x

  7. The book sounds so good! I need to up my sewing skills though.

  8. the book looks so good doesn't it! and cutest video! x



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